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A “standard” assumes the features are already set

“Ultimately, the success or failure of the eBook and eBook reader market is going to depend on establishing a standard format,” writes Tony Bradley at PCWorld. He’s right to the degree that, once a format is ready to make reading on a digital device better, it must become a standard to ensure that readers can […]

CrunchPad, a $250 Kindle killer?

TechCrunch founder Mike Arrington will launch a Web browsing tablet device, perhaps as soon as July. The device, described as 18 millimeters thick with a 12-inch screen, that will be sold in a variety of colors for less than $250, according to The New York Times. The first version of the device, which will have […]

You can drop a Kindle DX, but don’t forget the extended warranty

BlogKindle points to this Amazon video of a Kindle DX drop test, estimating the Kindle DX was dropped from 30″ onto what appears to be a linoleum floor (it’s shiny). I can’t help thinking that one would still need the extended warranty, which offers one-time coverage of “accidental drops and damage.”

Kindle DX sold out, again

As reported earlier, Amazon’s Kindle DX has been selling well. Previously, new units were listed as available today, but now the Amazon site says it will be four to six weeks before Kindle DX are in stock.

Amazon on the record: Device limits set by publishers

I queried Russ Grandinetti, vice president, Books, at Amazon about the lack of clarity about how many devices can access a Kindle book or how many times a buyer can expect to download a title from the Kindle Store. He referred me to Drew Herdener, director of communication at Amazon, who replied with the following: Russ […]

Change your Kindle DX screensaver images

BlogKindle has an article on a hack of the Kindle DX that allows readers to place their own images in a screen_saver folder that replaces the preloaded screensaver images. This is the kind of minor modification to the device, but not to the e-book systems, that the release of source code allows, as discussed this […]

Kindle DX the saviour for newspapers?

Folks are discussing the question “Can Kindle DX save newspapers?” over at SparkWords.com. Join the debate.

Kindle DX sold out in three days—not so much

UPDATE: Reader David Sloves notes that shipping schedules may be the culprit in the shortage of Kindle DX. In fact, the Amazon site now says Kindle DX will be available on June 22 (as of Tuesday, Amazon says June 22; last evening, it said June 17), so we have the answer. No, the Kindle DX didn’t […]