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Open letter to Hachette CEO Arnaud Nourry: Kill your hardback business

Sir: I read with interest your comments in the Financial Times of August 31, 2009, regarding the fact that “unilateral pricing by Google, Amazon and other e-book retailers such as Barnes & Noble could destroy publishers’ profits and kill the lucrative trade in hardbacks.” I write to warn you that, if your primary concern is […]

The Lost Symbol will be a dollar sign

The Da Vinci Code sold more than 81 million copies worldwide. Dan Brown’s new book, The Lost Symbol, will be released simultaneously in hardcover ($16.17 at Amazon, a 46 percent discount) and for Kindle ($9.99) on September 15th. Five million paper copies of the book will be printed, one digital copy will be encrypted several […]

Of pricing and piracy, the discussion rolls on

Several postings on the ongoing debate about the “right price” and potential piracy of e-books deserve mention today. I’ll only reiterate that the formulae should be “Value at the right price.” Each worth a read (or listen): The “Bookster” Threat, from The Abbeville Manual of Style (via TeleRead) and very interesting comment thread, too. An […]

Digital edition price flexibility is not optional

I’m not saying price e-books the same as paper or hardcover editions, but, in response to Rex Hammock, I do think publishers should be thinking in terms of the benefits of greater investment in the production of e-books. Likewise, this posting is a reply to Slate‘s Jack Schafer, who argues that, unless publishers embrace the […]

Blackwell launching e-book store, selling BeBook in stores

British academic book retailer Blackwell will begin selling the BeBook e-reader at retail next week, the Bookseller.com reports. Blackwell offers more than 45,000 titles for the device, which features an E-Ink display and support for ePub, .mobi, PDF and other e-book formats, will sell for £199 ($327.00 at current exchange rates) through Blackwell’s e-book store. […]

Noted News & Opinion, June 16, 2009

Global entertainment and media spending will reach $1.6 trillion in 2013, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers annual industry projections, AdWeek reports. The U.S. media industry will not match growth in the rest of the world, increasing only 1.2 percent annually, compared to the global rate of 2.7 percent, reaching $495 billion in 2013. Digital revenues are predicted […]

Circa 1994: The Audio Book Buyer

This is a second sidebar to the Making Book On PDAs story published below, in the August 8, 1994 edition of Digital Media: A Seybold Report. An examination of the CD- and tape-based audiobook market, it predicted a transition to digital a year-and-a-half before I became an advisor to Audible Inc., the company that invented […]

Circa 1994: Making Book On PDAs

Another historical perspective on e-books, this from the August 8, 1994 edition of Digital Media: A Seybold Report. I’d published my first interactive book, in Voyager’s Expanded Book format, about a year earlier. A market in hand for electronic publishers? With so many industries focused on getting the interactivity into televisions and PCs, there’s not […]