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B&N’s double-duty e-reader

Gizmodo has photos of the new Barnes & Noble e-reader, which will be announced next week. Apparently after running a blurb on the B&N announcement, Gizmodo got the “scoop” direct from B&N PR, because they have a nice set of professional product shots to show you. The news is not news, but staged product release. […]

B&N will offer iRex device, too

Dropping in from a flu-induced respite to say: Barnes & Noble is trying too hard. According to The Wall Street Journal‘s Peter Kafka, BN.com, in addition to teaming with Plastic Logic to sell ebooks, now plans to partner with iRex, maker of an upcoming iLiad device the features 3G connectivity and an 8.1-inch screen, described here. BN.com will […]

Gathering knowledge: Esoteric e-book formatting thought problems apropos of something

Last week’s announcement that the IDPF (International Digital Publishing Forum) has opened its ePub maintenance process is tremendously important to the future of books and publishing, regardless of whether you believe books, the artifact made with ink and paper, or publishing, the process of assembling, producing and distributing books for a profit, have bright futures […]

A “standard” assumes the features are already set

“Ultimately, the success or failure of the eBook and eBook reader market is going to depend on establishing a standard format,” writes Tony Bradley at PCWorld. He’s right to the degree that, once a format is ready to make reading on a digital device better, it must become a standard to ensure that readers can […]

Author Matt Stewart tries syndication via Twitter

From GalleyCat, Matt Stewart is syndicating his novel, “The French Revolution,” via Twitter. You can see the postings here. One posting every 15 minutes. Interesting and, contrary to my reaction to Cory Doctorow’s 81-installment syndication plans for “Maker,” I think this is an appropriate way to do this, because readers can configure their Twitter client […]

News Corp. exploring e-reader partnerships

Rupert Murdoch told TheStreet.com News Corp. “is exploring a wireless e-book device strategy with manufacturers for a product similar to Kindle.” It’s relatively old news, but shows that the publisher is still concerned with new distribution channels for its news. News Corp. is also contemplating pricing strategies for news. TheStreet points at iTunes as a […]

Cory Doctorow’s serialized e-novel

Tor Books announced it will serialize Cory Doctorow’s upcoming book, Makers, in 81 parts. That’s roughly six pages per installment. The idea’s good, the serialization length is wrong. While Tor cites Dickens, among others, whose works were often published as serialized stories in newspapers, it takes more than a few pages a day three days […]

Plastic Logic debuts new site

Plastic Logic, developer of an upcoming line of e-book reader devices that could give Kindle a run for the money, debuted a new Web site this week. The video content has been available online for a while, but the product pages are more complete and informative than before. A “content store” will launch with the […]

A bizarre obsession with “turning pages”

One of the strangest design caveats in e-books and online publishing is the need to reproduce the experience of turning a page as one would with paper. The fixation on creating the simulacrum of a paper page has held sway since the earliest days of electronic reading. E-magazine platform Zinio, for example, made the page-turning […]

Great primer on designing an e-book cover

Marko Saric, over at HowtomakeMyBlog.com, has a very useful step-by-step guide to creating an e-book cover. If you’ve been wondering how to make an e-book look good, it’s well worth your reading time.