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The Bookends, Pt. IV

….continued from previous entry In this maddened and maddening stream of real-time communication, from which occasional works of startlingly genuine value do surface, are authors required to engage a community? Is this community-building a keystone service for publishers seeking to survive by adding real value for authors? Can publishers thrive by providing community-like engagement with […]

The Bookends, Pt. III

….continued from previous entry When William P. Young wrote The Shack in 2005, he intended it as a Christmas present to his friends and family. Unlike Fra Franceso Colonna, he didn’t have to consider the challenge of getting copies made, because he had Kinko’s to duplicate and spiral bind the book before his personal release […]

The Bookends, pt. II

….continued from previous entry Francesco Colonna’s Hypnerotomachia, which can be translated as “Poliphilio’s Strife of Love in a Dream,” tells the author’s tale of love for a girl, Polia. It takes place in two dreams amidst pagan bacchanalia that celebrate Greek and Roman antiquity, especially the architecture, gardens and costuming that the lustful Dominican monk […]

Calling writers

I’ve been an editor for almost as long as I have been a writer, and believe I can help writers do what they do better by giving useful feedback and actively editing. That’s where BooksAhead is headed, and the next step toward the site’s more august purposes begins today. Would you like to write for […]

BooksAhead is Kindle-bound

Dear readers, I want to thank you for your early and ardent support of this blog. After one month of publishing, I’ve got a regular 150 or so readers at the site (not including search bots) and 25 or so reading via RSS. That’s extremely gratifying. Thank you. I want to ask your help in […]

Excerpt II, The Book Ends

Continuing where we left off the other day….. This segment, which is going to be torn apart and used in other ways, shows how quickly any writing on the e-book market ages. Why Kindle is the early leader As of this writing, in March 2009, e-books have limited network connectivity. The most forward-looking implementation of […]

Excerpt from The Book Ends

Here is the first of a series of excerpts from my early drafts of a book I am writing about the future of books. Not the future of e-books, which we will eventually recognize as another dimension of recorded thought that lives within the continuity of the idea we call “books,” though outside the confines […]